Troubleshooting FSM uninstall

If for any reason, fsm uninstall mesh (as documented in the uninstall guide) fails, you may manually delete FSM resources as detailed below.

Set environment variables for your mesh:

export fsm_namespace=fsm-system # Replace fsm-system with the namespace where FSM is installed
export mesh_name=fsm # Replace fsm with the FSM mesh name
export fsm_version=<fsm version>
export fsm_ca_bundle=<fsm ca bundle>

Delete FSM control plane deployments:

kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-bootstrap
kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-controller
kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-injector

If FSM was installed alongside Prometheus, Grafana, or Jaeger, delete those deployments:

kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-prometheus
kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-grafana
kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace jaeger

If FSM was installed with the FSM Multicluster Gateway, delete it by running the following:

kubectl delete deployment -n $fsm_namespace fsm-multicluster-gateway

Delete FSM secrets, the meshconfig, and webhook configurations:

Warning: Ensure that no resources in the cluster depend on the following resources before proceeding.

kubectl delete secret -n $fsm_namespace $fsm_ca_bundle mutating-webhook-cert-secret validating-webhook-cert-secret crd-converter-cert-secret
kubectl delete meshconfig -n $fsm_namespace fsm-mesh-config
kubectl delete mutatingwebhookconfiguration -l app.kubernetes.io/name=flomesh.io,app.kubernetes.io/instance=$mesh_name,app.kubernetes.io/version=$fsm_version,app=fsm-injector
kubectl delete validatingwebhookconfiguration -l app.kubernetes.io/name=flomesh.io,app.kubernetes.io/instance=mesh_name,app.kubernetes.io/version=$fsm_version,app=fsm-controller

To delete FSM and SMI CRDs from the cluster, run the following.

Warning: Deletion of a CRD will cause all custom resources corresponding to that CRD to also be deleted.

kubectl delete crd meshconfigs.config.flomesh.io
kubectl delete crd multiclusterservices.config.flomesh.io
kubectl delete crd egresses.policy.flomesh.io
kubectl delete crd ingressbackends.policy.flomesh.io
kubectl delete crd httproutegroups.specs.smi-spec.io
kubectl delete crd tcproutes.specs.smi-spec.io
kubectl delete crd traffictargets.access.smi-spec.io
kubectl delete crd trafficsplits.split.smi-spec.io


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Last modified April 11, 2024: update versions of fsm and pipy (cea5b3e)